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Outside Flatwork

Outside flatwork needs to be durable and abrasion resistant. It needs to be easy to finish, so it’s easier to get elements like driveways and patios flat and even. Using at least a 3,500 psi mix helps with these things. Outside flatwork needs entrained air,  which shows up in concrete as millions of microscopic air bubbles. These air bubbles protect against damage from freezing and thawing. When water soaks into concrete and freezes, it expands. Over the years, this expansion can work like a pry bar, prying apart cracks and popping out pieces of concrete. The air bubbles act like tiny pressure release valves, giving the water a place to expand into when it freezes and protecting the integrity of the concrete. Good outside flatwork mixes include:

Mix 313565 – 3,500 psi, ¾” rock, entrained air
Mix 314165 – 4,000 psi, ¾” rock, entrained air
Mix 390604 – 4,000 psi, half ¾” rock and half 3/8” rock, entrained air