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Colored Concrete

Colored concrete is simple at River Bend. We have the recipes for hundreds of colors, and four tanks of primary colors which get combined to make them. Name the color, and a computer follows the recipe to provide consistent, dependable colored concrete every time. The price of adding color ranges from about $17 per cubic yard to more than $80, depending on which color gets selected. Colors include many different shades of gray, red, brown, and buff. It is not possible to provide some colors, including most greens and blues. Remember that coloring concrete is not like painting concrete. The colors will be somewhat patchy and uneven. They are typically darkest when they are poured, and lighten up as the concrete cures. Colored concrete takes special care, and it’s best to have a professional do the work.

River Bend partners with BASF Admixtures to create colored concrete. Click here for a look at the BASF Rheocolor chart.


River Bend partner Manning Concrete created a
barn floor look with stained and stamped concrete.